The Pleistocene Plague

The Pleistocene Plague
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: 1523847778
ISBN: 1523847778

The greatest find in the history of paleontology is discovered among the fragile Siberian landscape. A fully preserved woolly mammoth is released from its icy grave. The prehistoric creature will answer questions long evading scientists for centuries.

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About the Book

A woolly mammoth – hidden for millennia, untouched by time – is found as the Siberian ice thaws.The scientists who discover the prehistoric creature will finally have answers to questions long evading science for centuries.

Years later a strange infectious disease explodes across China. Dr. Cole Patrick and members of The World Health Organization security team are urgently summoned to track down the unknown pathogen.

Before leaving on his expedition the strange illness hits home, infecting a member of Dr. Patrick’s family. Racing against time, Cole Patrick investigates into a mysterious Chinese bio-engineering corporation who may be linked to the outbreak. The closer he comes to discovering the truth about the infection the more he realizes the dangers facing humanity and the possibility of a global extinction, the same event that saw the demise of the woolly mammoth over 5000 years ago.

Blending scientific fact with fiction, the story takes the reader from the desolate landscape of Northern Russia to the offices of the World Health Organization in Washington D.C., from the remains of an American civil war fort in Boston to the streets of Beijing, as it races forward, all while keeping the brain in high gear.

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